March 31, 2016

Podcasts for Writerly Types: Take Two

Several months ago I posted about my favorite podcasts for writerly types. While I still love those, they can't keep up with my voracious appetite for putting in headphones to ignore my kids, er, soaking up knowledge any chance I get, so, I have a new top five list. Counting up to number one, here are my current favorites:

5. Magic Lessons by Elizabeth Gilbert
Based on her book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, Gilbert's podcast talks a lot about pursuing your creative self and moving past the fears of failure, rejection, etc. If you like Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic, or this amazing Ted Talk, then this podcast is for you!

 4. The Creative Penn by Joanna Penn
This is a podcast geared toward self-publishers, but I think it's fantastic for ALL writers. Penn focuses on marketing, as one would expect, but she's also genius about scheduling your creative life, plotting your book, dictation, writing diversity, and all kinds of other topics perfect for writers of all types. If you can get past the 20 minute long intros, the rest of the podcast is usually pure gold.

3. Write with Impact by Glenn Leibowitz
I don't know what it is about Glenn (we're on a first name basis like that), but he has the soothing voice of a therapist and the personality of someone you want as your best friend. He interviews successful authors, journalists, bloggers, and more, diving deep into writing-specific topics. Glenn writes nonfiction, so there's a good blend of awesome fiction and non-fiction authors. You'll love him. Try it out, but remember, I found him first!

2. KidLit Drink Night by Amy Kurtz Skelding
This podcast is a little hidden gem that I wish more people knew about. I first tried it because my friend is one of the hosts, and I expected to listen to one episode, say my pleasantries, and move on to my usual lineup. I mean, kid books with drunk ladies? What's the draw? But  holy cow, was I wrong! 1) They're not drunk. They just each have unique drinks each time, sometimes smoothies or Pepsi or a dirty martini. It adds a fun flavor to the podcast, but it's not the focus. 2) They have really deep, smart discussions of a huge range of books. The hosts are super intelligent, they're incredibly funny, and it's like listening in on the kind of conversations you wish your boring neighborhood book group would have.

1. DIY MFA by Gabriela Pereira
The premise of DIY MFA is basically that it's a do-it-yourself approach to an MFA for those who aren't equipped (for whatever reason) to do a traditional college MFA program. I'm a HUGE proponent of actual grad degrees, but the reason I love this podcast is because it's built on a really smart, solid foundation of writing techniques. The ideas presented are a really good way to learn the discipline and skills presented in MFA writing programs, especially in an internet age where ideas, publishing paths, and life as an author are all evolving so quickly that by the time you finish that traditional MFA, things will have already changed. But the main reason I love it is because, even if you do get an MFA or an MA, this podcast is still worthwhile. It's a great dialogue for keeping your brain sharp and your writing skills honed. I think it's perfect for both camps--the MFA lovers and the haters.

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