March 7, 2016

Motivation Monday: J.K. Rowling

“Be ruthless about protecting your writing days.”

As if Ms. Joanne Rowling needs any introduction! She's the brilliant author of the Harry Potter series and the more recent author of adult crime novels, under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith.  

Fun Facts about J.K. Rowling:
  • Lives in Edinburgh, Scotland with her husband and three kids
  • Wrote her first story at age six
  • The K in J.K. is for her grandmother, Kathleen
  • Wrote the first draft of Harry Potter on an old manual typewriter she found at a thrift shop
  • She's very vocal on Twitter about feminism, politics, and equality
So What?
Rowling has a million great quotes, but this one stood out to me today because I think protecting your writing time is one of the biggest challenges authors face. It's like authors are some weird, mythical beasts that create books by magic, not blood, sweat, tears, and time. SO MUCH TIME. Even people who support your decision to write, still often think it's unimportant against everything else in life. It makes me feel some solidarity with Rowling that this is a battle she still fights, despite how successful she's been. 

So take it from the brilliant Ms. Rowling--be your own advocate. Protect your own time. Choose writing as a priority, even when nobody else thinks it should be.  

Have a great writing week!


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