February 8, 2016

Motivation Monday: Sean Chercover

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“Don’t confuse reading books on the craft of writing with the act of writing. You must write. And while it’s essential to learn the craft, in the end you must write your own story in your own voice.”
Sean Chercover is a Canadian-American author who has written books like The Devil’s Game, The Trinity Game, and Trigger City.

Fun Facts about Sean Chercover: 
  • He was formerly a private detective! 
  • He was also a scuba diver, nightclub magician, encyclopedia salesman, and truck driver. No wonder he has so many great stories up his sleeve! 
  • Seems like a really nice guy. Check out his website, especially his FAQ to see how supportive he sounds to new and aspiring authors. In fact, his bio is where I found today’s quote! He also has a great list of his favorite books on writing craft. 
So What?
I’m absolutely addicted to books on writing craft—heck, it’s the entire premise of this blog—but I love Chercover’s quote because often I think I’d rather read about becoming a great writer than actually putting in the blood, sweat and tears to become a great writer. This quote is a reminder that if you want to be a published author, nothing takes the place of putting in the time and effort of just writing.

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